Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ebenezer marries Mary Bettney

While in Birmingham, he met and later married Mary Bettney, a former matron of a Birmingham hospital.[1] In 1886, his older sister Charlotte gave birth to a boy, and named him Ebenezer Thomas Kendall.[2] In 1890 he married Mary.

In 1892, Dr Teichelmann and his new wife Mary, returned from England to Melbourne, Australia on board the Anchor liner Yarrawonga as the ship’s Doctor. Behind his name were the titles, FRCS (Birmingham) MRCS and LRCS. Fifteen years earlier he had been an apprentice to a chemist and now returned a highly qualified surgeon. On arrival he moved to Port Adelaide where he filled the post of Health Officer.

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[2] Kendall Genealogy, Australia :website: members.fortunecity.com

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