Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Book review of Ebenezer Teichelmann

I discovered this book review on Ebenezer Teichelamnn today on Amazon.com

Fascinating for Kiwis or mountaineers especially, 28 Sep 2007
By S. J. Masty "writer/reviewer"

Mountaineer Bob McKerrow has produced a valuable and highly entertaining history of Ebenezer Teichelmann, a pioneering mountain climber in New Zealand. McKerrow uncovered volumes of unpublished photographs, letters and anecdotes that guarantee this to remain the seminal biography for years to come.

It is also proof-positive that the other Kiwis weren't napping until (the future Sir) Edmund Hillary made world history in clunky leather hiking boots and woolen jumpers. Nowadays, whether in New Zealand or Nepal, at every hill here's a ten-mile queue of mountaineering teenyboppers in space-age climbing kit. Teichelmann did it the hard way, as Hilary did, and McKerrow catches an interesting piece of history, preserves it forever, and serves it up to us as a most interesting and rewarding read.

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