Monday, March 2, 2009

The West Coast of South Island New Zealand, Te Ara

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You have to visit the West Coast section of Te Ara, the online encyclopedia of New Zealand. there are some brilliant articles and superb photographs such as the one above of Alec Graham (l), Rev. Newton (c) and Ebenezer Teichelamnn (r). You can have a look at the whole thing at:
There are actually two separate articles (see icons below). The "WestCoast" deals with the whole region (everything from geology, plants,history, farming and culture), while "West Coast Places" has a page on eachtown or district (from Karamea to the far south).

A friend of mine, Simon Nathan has compiled this section and says "a few of my favorites are." Just click on the URLS (and make sure that thesound is turned on).
(a) Stroppy West Coasters giving Michael Cullen a hard time:
(b) A Wellington view of the West Coast
(c) A few real West CoastersJohn Crawford, potter & Gary James, last Denniston residents Bollinger - not just a cinematographer
(d) Myth of the Irish - West Coasters aren't all Irish - in the 20C theywere discouraged
(e) Life doesn't stop just because its raining
(f)"Humping & hollowing" - the West Coast way of increasing dairyproduction. Huge areas are being re-contoured
(g) Gloriavale - one of the unusual groups that has settled on the WestCoast
(h) Ebenezer Teichelmann and fellow climbers


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