Monday, July 19, 2010

In Teichelmann country

I have been on the West Coast six days now and doing day trips from Ross. It is strange staying in Ross, as everywhere I go I feel the presence of the Rev. Newton and Dr.Teichelmann. Newton lived here for 6 years and Teichelmann was a frequent visitor. I have done a lot of trips to places which were well known to Teicelmann and I will post a few photos of those places.

On Thursday last week I travelled by the Tranzalpine from Christchurch to Greymouth. Tiechelmann used this rail route a lot. Photo: Bob McKerrow

On Friday morning Kira, Leith and I walked down to Mananui beach, 5 km south of Hokitika and took this photo. It captures the wild mood of the West Coast. There I could pick out peaks I had climbed: Cook Aoraki, Tasman, Elie de Beaumont, Douglas, Haidinger, Haast, Lendenfeld, Dampier, Vancouver, Malispina, McFettrick, St. Mildred, Red Lion and Drummond. For five days I had clear views of the Southern Alps as I moved down the coast. Here are some photos of the journey.

Approaching Arthur's Pass. Photo: Bob McKerrow
The bridge across the Taramakau River.This was the northern limit of Dr. Teichelmann's medical responsibility which stretched from here to Jackson's Bay. Photo: Bob McKerrow

A map of Westland.
Sunrise at Mananui Beach, 5 km south of Hokitika.Photo: Bob McKerrow

With my daughter Kira, and her son Leith at Mananui Beach.
Lake Mahinapua. Dr. T fought against the pro-logging industry to get some protection status for this lake.Photo: Bob McKerrow

Mount Cook Aoraki, Mt. Tasman. Teicehelmann did the 3rd ascent of Mt. Cook Aoraki.Photo: Bob McKerrow

Forest walk to Mananui beach. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Early morning on the Waitaha River. I know this valley well having climbed at the head of County Stream. In 1993 I was in a party that did the first winter ascent and traverse of Red Lion Peaks. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Lake Ianthe, north of Hari Hari. Photo: Bob McKerrow

The Wanganui River with Hendes Ferry on the right. This was where Carl Hende had his residence and was available with horse to assist people to cross. Frequently Teichelman usesd his services and operated on his injured horses. Photo : Bob McKerrow

Teichelmann country. Blue Lookout and the Lord and Lambert Ranges. Photo: Bob McKerrow

The view from the Wanganui river flats looking to the Lord and Lambert ranges. Photo: Bob McKerrow

The Kakapotahi River. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Tasman (l) and Mount Cook Aoraki (r). Photo: Bob McKerrow

The braided Waiho River which drains the Franz Josef, Callery, Spenser and Burton Glaciers. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Franz Josef Glacier. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Franz Josef Glacier from Castle Rocks Hut. Photo: Bob McKerrow

From Almer Hut looking to the Franz neve and the Southern Alps.Photo: Bob McKerrow


Brian said...

Hi Bob
Just been reading your latest blog & noticed that you are back in the region - welcome home. Do call in if you get a chance - Brian & Frances - Teichelman's Bed & Breakfast.

Anonymous said...

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Bob McKerrow said...

Thanks Brian. Unfortunately I missed out meeting you, although I took a few photos of your reknowned establishment. Bob